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Our Story

The Story of Powhatan Farms is epic.  It's a love story, a drama, a story of coming of age, of new life, death and rebirth, neglect and restoration.  Our cast of characters is long but distinguished.  See, we're a farm family.  But that's just the beginning.  The animals are characters in this story deserving of respect and mention.  There are chickens and turkeys and cattle.  But the land--the land is a character in this story too, and not a minor character either.  It's teaming with life.  It may in fact be currently playing the lead role in this epic drama we call life.  

The land is on the mend.  It no longer opens up in spring to find the human folly of a nitrogen bomb.  The clouds of chemical warfare no longer drift across her open spaces.  She's been sick but she was never going to die.  We no longer make demands upon her.  We instead labor to listen, watch and learn.  Her animal partners move across her surface, giving back to her vastness below.  In time we all may return to balance and abundance.  In time we may close the garden gate and walk home again.

You, our customers also play a role in this epic drama.  You are not an audience.  You are active players in this play.  You choose with your money to support this land's renewal.  Every time you purchase a pasture-raised animal you help to make this possible.  Thank you--from us all.

Adam Weeks