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Oven Roasted Whole Bird with root veggies

Roasting a whole chicken is not as challenging as you might think.  The goal should be to have the skin crispy and the meat juicy.  The challenge is to get the whole bird done without drying out the white meat.  See the breasts will be done before the legs and thighs.  The following is a recipe that addresses this challenge by turning the bird over after the first fifteen minutes in order to slow down the cooking of the breasts and speed up the dark meat portions.  You will be basting the bird multiple times with butter.  This helps to crisp the skin.  The butter and the juices from the bird mix with the veggies to make a delightful flavor.


One whole bird (any weight will do)

One half stick of real butter (margarin is really just plastic. please don't eat it.)

(optional) A few sprigs of thyme if you have them (or any other herb, such as tarragon, basil or rosemary)

Salt (not all salt is created equal.  I like the brand Real Salt.)

Any combination of root vegetables cut to a uniform size (carrots, beets, potatoes, turnips)

Preheat the oven to 425

Remove the whole bird from the fridge and allow to rise to room temp.  Pat dry with a paper towel inside and out (this is important. it helps get the skin crispy.)  Take the butter and rub the entire bird down.  Then liberally salt the bird inside and out.

Place the butter in a pan with any herbs you will be using and melt over a low flame.  Turn the burner off after the butter is melted.

Place the bird in an oven pan breast up and arrange the veggies around it.  Put the bird in the oven and set your kitchen timer for 5 min.  At five minutes, working quickly, you will remove the bird and baste it with the melted butter using a brush.  Repeat every 5 mins two more time.  On the third baste, turn the oven temp down to 350 and turn the bird breast down--using a pair of tongs to clamp down between the breast and the inside of the cavity.  Baste every 10 min from now on out.  If you run out of butter, use the juice and butter mixture at the bottom of the pan.  

The time it takes for the bird to be done is dependent on the size of the bird.  You will want the meatiest portion of the thigh to register at 165 degrees.  As the temp approaches 150 degrees, turn the bird breast side up in order to crisp the skin further.  

Remove the bird when done and taste the veggies.  Salt them to taste and mix with the butter and pan drippings.  Allow the bird to rest for 10 minutes before removing to a cutting board to carve into pieces.  

Now, that seems pretty easy!  Right?  Enjoy.